“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

– Arthur C. Nielsen

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Advanced Andean Solutions, LLC is a consulting company focused on process improvement practices, database-centric solutions and location-aware technologies, oriented to delivering technological products and services to companies of any size.

We are experts implementing and tailoring complex vertical solutions including database interoperability, GIS analysis, parameter-driver functionality definition and extension, and training for managers, administrators, final users, and technical support teams.  We provide software solutions  for automating business critical tasks, ranging from daily support operations, managerial control, performance measurement, strategic decision, and business intelligence, including spatio-temporal analysis.

Advanced Andean Solutions LLC has the support of research, development and consulting teams that combine more than 70+ years of experience analyzing, building and solving industry- and process-specific mission critical software solutions for diverse business companies in America. 

Advanced Andean Solutions fosters for the partnership with leading industry players to provide complete solutions and services that best fit with the unique business culture of our customers. We build solutions from the ground up based on succesful and best practices of each given industry, and enhances them over time using the feedback and input of the leading companies that use them.

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IT consulting

Our IT consulting services focus on improving business performances.

We believe every problem can be cracked using a clear logic that usually works the best!

We include ongoing quality assurance, project management, and strategic planning to ensure projects are successful.

Software development

World-class applications to support and improve the way you do business.

Allow our mission-critical parameter-driven solutions to reflect your business needs rather than changing your business to match legacy applications.


Our portfolio of education supports your teams from start to finish.

Training materials can be tailored for your organization needs through licensed content.

Platform management

We help organizations reduce the time, costs, risks and complexity associated with managing your service platform.

We can help you derive full value from your IT investment and start expanding it to other areas within the organization.

Synergy products

Our Master Distributors

For U.S. and Canada

Altamira Consulting, LLC

For U.K. and E.U.


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